“Knurl, a.k.a. Alan Bloor is one of the premier noise artists in Canada. Using contact mics and scrap metal Knurl creates incredibly powerfull harsh noise. At times reminescent of the likes of Daniel Menche and Haters.

    Some labels that have documented Knurl include Alien8Recordings, RRR, Self Abuse, Labyrinth, Entarte Kunst, Impulsy Stetoskopu, PacRec and Musicus Phycus.

    Knurl has performed with Keiji Haino, David Kristian, Haters, Princess Dragon Mom, MSBR, K2, Merzbow, and Goverment Alpha and collaborated live with Jim O’Rouke and Thurston Moore.” partially taken from alien8recordings website (special thanks to Gary and Sean)

   Knurl began as a solo project in late 1994. It was formed from an idea to take music as we know it and strip it entirely of what we know music to be: its rhythm, melody & verse/chorus.

  The inspiration came from working in welding shops. The artist wanted to harness the sounds of cutting & grinding metal & transform them into a sound project.

    Recordings of Knurl are always without overdubs, the assistance of computers, syntyhesizers or samplers. Cassette covers are often handmade by the artist and usually have one of his photographs. Photography is something else for which he has a passion.

    Since the first release, Initial Shock, which was recorded in November 1994, he has released many cassettes and cdrs on his own as well as various releases through independant record labels. Nervescrap, the second cassette release, is also availble on CD format from Pure Records, a subsidiary of RRRecords in Lowell, MA.



photo: Alan Bloor